Wedding Party

All great weddings are supported by a great wedding party. These are the folks who are our very best friends, and who have supported us and shown us love over the years. Brett’s side is in navy blue, Corinna’s is gold.

Scott – Best Man


Scott is my little brother. He’s seven years old, and may set a record for youngest best man ever. Scott is a big time hockey player – expect to see him be first pick in the NHL 2023 draft.

When he’s not playing hockey or causing pandemonium on the schoolyard, you may find him playing video games, watching movies, or looking for salmon carcasses around the city.

Scott was instrumental in convincing Corinna that I was dating material. One of our first dates was babysitting him, and we watched the movie Cars – his favourite at the time. He loved Corinna immediately, and proclaimed that we needed to get a bunk bed so that she could sleep over.

Justyna – Maid of Honour

I have known Justyna as a family friend since we were young kids.  I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid at her wedding just last year.


Justyna is very adventurous and got me into world travelling! She is a seasoned backpacker and we have had some wonderful trips together in the past. My first big trip without family was when we went to Costa Rica for a week with four girls when we were eighteen. We also have visited New York together.

Justyna is also amazing at bringing people together. She and her husband host biweekly parties on Wednesdays open to all friends so we all keep our social quota filled. She plans great events like girls nights, camping trips, and pub outings.

Armed with her law degree, Justyna works for a fancy firm downtown making sure justice is served.

Ramin – Head Groomsman

Ramin and I met at Electronic Arts in 2006, when we were working in quality assurance on FIFA 2007. Interestingly, Ramin and I crossed paths for years without knowing it – he worked at SFU at the pub, and at SFU summer camps. ramin

Ramin is wise, and I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from his wisdom on many occasions. He has always been among my most dependable, trustworthy friends. If you see him at the wedding, you can ask him about anything – he will probably have had some experience with it, and he’ll know what to say.

Ramin first met Corinna when we went to have some drinks at the Keg in Burnaby. We had a nice evening, and at one moment Corinna left the table for a few minutes. As soon as she walked away, Ramin leaned forward and said “Buddy, you’ve got a full house. Don’t screw this up.”

Christina  – Bridesmaid

christinaChristina is part of the “Those That Date Lichota’s Club”. She is my brother’s girlfriend for the past five years and has truly become part of our family.

Christina is a woman of many talents. She dances, plays soccer, cooks amazing food and has an artistic touch. She is a warm person with a positive outlook on everything. She is a wonderful partner to my brother and I am so thrilled to have her be part of the new Lichota/Favaro Club.

Christina works for Fraser Health as a Community Nurse. In the photo shown here, she is showcasing the paper-flower bouquet she made for Justyna’s bridal shower.

Kevin – Groomsman

kevinMy first experience with Kevin was in a plant physiology lab at SFU. It was an instant friendship as we slogged through that class, and ultimately the rest of our undergrad degrees.

Kevin has always been a huge source of support through thick and thin – especially when dealing with the university we sometimes love to hate. Kevin will be joining us from Edmonton, where he is working on becoming a professional lab tech. Be nice to him – he will probably design your medicines one day.

I’m thrilled to have him and his girlfriend Kelly at our wedding.

Michelle – Bridesmaid


I met Michelle in a first year chemistry class at SFU in 2006. When we met she and I instantly clicked and became a tag-team chemistry homework machine. We strategized on online assignments, studied for tests, and took turns bugging the prof for answers.

After completing her undergrad in Kinesiology Michelle completed additional school to become a master business woman! She can negotiate and make deals like nobody’s business. She even called my cell phone provider and pretended to be me so I could get a killer deal on my phone plan.

I was a bridesmaid at Michelle’s destination wedding this past November. It was a whole week of pure entertainment and I hope that Brett and I can pack in the equivalent amount of fun in just one evening.

Vince – Groomsman


Vince is my life coach. He understands the importance of balance and investing in your mind, body, and family. When things seem rough, Vince knows how to take a fresh look, and find inspiration in any place. It’s a real privilege to count him and his wife Kaye as among my closest friends.

Vince has introduced me to many critical aspects of physical fitness, including the Thug Workout, kettlebells, backyard Olympic lifting, and strongman exercise. He is also a huge source of motivation – if I ever need a dose of optimism in my life, I know I can give Vince a call. He knows how to turn any situation into a way to get money – literally and figuratively!

Vince and I also met at EA. Along with Frank, you could always find us on the basketball court – not playing ball though, doing chin-ups on the fence’s cross bar.

Sara – Bridesmaidsara

Sara has always been like a sister to me. We have been longtime family friends and we met long before we were old enough to remember it. Sara is almost done her degree at SFU and wants to go into Education.

Even though I am only a few years older than Sara I would often babysit her and her brother when we were younger. When we were teenagers we both had a crush on Orlando Bloom and we actually searched out his mailing address and sent him a cheesy teenage love letter. He never replied.

Sara has a great sense of humour. She once shaved her dog and told me it was a new one, because the “other one” died. I believed her!

Frank – Groomsman

frankFrank will be joining us from Ontario, and we’re thrilled to have him. Frank, like Scott, is an avid hockey player who, in his own words, “can’t not finish.” I have many great memories of nights with Frank visiting various pubs around Vancouver, although those memories are sometimes on the foggy side. If things get dull at the wedding, ask Frank and Ramin who is better at FIFA. Bring popcorn.

After tiring of rising through the ranks at EA, Frank moved on to the world of mortgages. Of course, as with many of my groomsmen, his currency of choice can be found in the weight room. YEA BUDDAY!

Teresa – Bridesmaidteresa

Teresa and I met in Grade 3 when I moved to a new elementary school in Surrey. For almost 15 years we lived just a few blocks apart and would walk to each other’s houses using my neighbour’s bridge that spanned the ravine between us.

Teresa is the most positive person I have ever met. Even when going through tough times she will still joke around, make time for friends and laugh at life. She is also incredibly brave and adventurous, which is something everyone that meets her realizes right away.

She is incredibly diverse! Teresa teaches snowboarding, works in a law firm, travels Austria annually, was a world-class champion bagpiper, has an English Lit degree, and was even valedictorian in high school!


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